Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning

Being faced with cleaning up after a hoarder can be overwhelming, whether it is in your own home or if you are doing so on behalf of someone else.

We provide a professional, discreet, and compassionate Extreme Clean up service. We have worked with landlords and charities to complete a hoarder clean up service to suit all those involved.


When someone has been hoarding items in their home, the volume of items can become so unmanageable that there is no space to move. This can lead to serious health and safety issues as well hygiene issues as areas can become impossible to clean. Kitchens and bathrooms can often be the most unhygienic areas in a home where items have been hoarded.


Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed on a plan of action, we will get to work. Each room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 


Reasons why an Extreme Clean up may be required:


  • There are different reasons why a hoarder clean up might be required. We understand that individuals who are hoarding items often have mental health issues, and we will always deal with the situation respectfully and sympathetically.

  • It may be that someone has died, and the house needs to be emptied and cleaned ready to be sold or for a new resident to be able to move in.

  • You may have a rental property that requires a hoarder clean up in order to be able to rent the property again.

  • You may be a social care/charity provider looking for assistance in helping a resident clean up a home.

  • There may be an issue in your own home with yourself or someone you live with.

  • You may have concerns about someone you know, and you are looking for ways to help them.